Sunday, August 15, 2010

Beauty of Nature

Not quite a travel entry, but well.... thought this image would inspire some creativeness with it's amazing beauty. Eating lunch in our sitting area, we spied this amazing creature. At first I slid the glass door open ever so slowly as not to scare our friend away. I took two very quiet steps toward the plant it was perched upon, and snapped the first picture. Of course the sound, every so light that it was, of my camera sent the dragonfly into a fluttering frenzy and off it went!  One picture, I was disappointed as I was sure it was blurry due to my own shaking hand. Amazingly, it circled around aproaching me and then angling the other way, until it landed in the same exact spot. I quickly pressed the shutter button and off again it flew!  This time not returning to it's original spot but landing very near, and allowing me to snap two more pictures before it left, this time for good.

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