Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wedding and Resort

The wedding was a blast, but like all weddings went late into the night. After snaking my way down the Pacific Coast Highway I found the turn off in Laguna Beach. We had champagne and bizarre little fried snacks. The night was getting colder, the searing warmth from the heat lamps had us all huddled around them as the dance hall was getting set up. The bride being part Hawaiian had beautiful dancers to contrast with the DJ and his slightly obnoxious banter and 80's music. The live Hawaiian and old school music that was played by I believe the Hawaiian Uncle was the best, kind of surreal, unusual, and wonderful. The picture is me at the pool, the morning after, a dead resort with so many polite people working there I was not sure what they could all possibly be doing with no other guest in sight. I wondered around the beautiful grounds early in the morning with sun and clouds causing it to be somewhat warm but with a chilly breeze that just would not let me get in that pool.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Laguna beach

The sky was blue and a slight breeze was gently making the air cool, even as the warmth of the sun could be felt on my face. I emerged from a canopy of trees on the steep steps, that snaked down the canyon wall, blinking in the sudden brightness.  The sound of the waves that beckoned me down,  now for the first time becoming visible.... like some long awaited destination you were not sure you would ever reach.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

In the plane blogging along

I looked out the window at the small brown and green hills. Little smudges of white, like paint on a canvas partially blocking the view as  the protrusion of the wing my only clue I was contained inside this metal tube. We seemed to float past the slowly moving landscape, knowing that I would never travel those snaking, brown lines on the ridges of green so far below.

Blogging in the air, a first for me.

Well, off on a short trip to Laguna Ca.  Flight on SW is a hot spot, so I decided to blog on the plane. I love technology! Stay tuned for more adventures, after I get back on the ground.