Sunday, June 1, 2014

Australia a far, far land of wonder

The adventure this time takes me across the mighty Pacific, and almost all the way around the globe.  Flying from Tucson, to LA was the easy part, just under an hour. The next leg of the journey from Los Angeles to Melbourne Australia took over 15 hours.  The pacific Ocean, with its  giant mass of water that covers our planet and separates humans with such a vast amount of space, it is indeed a mysterious wonder.  I arrived in a state of confusion. Day was night, I was ready to sleep but I forced myself to stay up and face the day, as it was day in Australia!   Great people whom I knew back in Tucson, Aussies and ready to help me discover the land down under.  A wonderful bar, a fantastic visit to a nature park that is also a preserve for animals was in store for me.  A muddy looking river runs through the mega skyscraper city of Melbourne that creates a green band that snakes back and forth, creating a park like setting.

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