Monday, December 27, 2010

Sistine chapel, or bad Thomas

Painted by Michelangelo in 1508, it took him four years to do. Ok I could have been arrested.  All throughout the Vatican museum you are allowed to take pictures without flash, everywhere that is except the Sistine Chapel. ALTO!!!  Was screamed from across the crowded floor below this amazing ceiling. The guard was approaching me with a stern look in his face, as I had broken the rules. My guide said, " put your camera away, he make take you or your camera."  Well, I did say I was tired. Another funny thing, a voice will come over a speaker every 10min or so, " Please no talking, please be respectful", in at least 4 languages. The guards also make this statement every so often, to a room of at least 150 people! It reminded me of trying to silence some of my students in the classroom from time to time, well so much for vacation, I thought I was getting away from all that.

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