Monday, December 27, 2010


Made it to Rome.  I had a very interesting trip, it was a bit rushed and frantic. After I landed in Madrid, I got off the plane and was in a huge, towering complex with no idea where to go. There was not a person at all anywhere to ask so I just followed a mass of people down two long stairways to a train station. Not knowing what train to take I jumped on the first one, got off on a platform, again with no one or idea where I was. When I asked about Ibera flights, I was directed to another train, then down another set of stairs, blah, blah, blah  I just made the flight to Rome.  The picture above is the Pantheon, built by Hadrain in AD 119-125. It only survived because it was later turned into a church. At first it was a pagan temple.

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