Sunday, March 18, 2012

Espana: Madrid

Top picture is the wonderful, artistic Madrid airport. Below is the Plaza Mayor. It was built nearly 400 years ago. Started in 1617 it was finished just two years later. Designed by Juan Gomez de Mora. It was used for bullfights, jousting, official ceremonies, and autos-de-fe or trials of faith by the Spanish Inquisition.   Walking in my jet lag stupor, I stayed true to myself and just could not sit still for long once I landed after many hours and a very restless night on the plane. Plazas with cafes are around every corner, bars with tapas mostly seafood and ham were too many to count, and the people of Madrid seem to enjoy life.   I ordered a beer and some sliced aged ham, its texture and saltiness started to wake me up, and off I went to another spot for an espresso and more people watching.  Table after table, young and old laughing, drinking, it was such a site after my 9 hour flight in such a confined space!

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  1. Cool! The Barajas airport is way cool design and architecture. So did you have some tapas yet ArtTraveler??