Monday, October 17, 2011

 Montserrat about an hour or so from Barcelona. I first took a subway, then a train, then a train with a cable, so the train would not go flying backwards down the mountain. Perched up high in some very strange rock formations this monastery was looming above me somewhere. The slow moving train inched its way up and we climbed higher and higher. Winding up the hill, the speed started to increase and the valley below opened up in all directions. We arrived at last and me and ten thousand other people dashed out of the train and tried to get into the basilica to hear the boys choir. It was tight and a bit uncomfortable as I seemed to move into the basilica on no will of my own, the crowd directing my every move. Once the boys started to sing the crowd seemed to dissolve with the sound of beautiful voices. Outside the hike I took was both invigorating and a bit challenging. Once I reached the end of the trail I had a view of the monastery below and that of the valley even further down. It was a great peaceful moment that I enjoyed, all alone, cool breeze,  for almost 50 min.
 Before the hike, ready to go!
 Back in Barcelona: My own personal butler, checking up on me.
My private view up high on the side of the mountain. The monastery below.

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