Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Berlin the food post

Wondering around Berlin, one feels that a big city grew very fast. Entering each area with small shops and historic buildings, it feels like a small city until you reach one of the huge intersections. The food is from all around the world. I believe that middle Eastern food, with a choice from carts to full sit down establishments is the Indian food of Berlin. If you have ever been to London, all over is great tasting Indian food. As far as German I did the Wiener Schnitzel, the now mostly pork replacing veal, this I was happy about. But when I  tasted the Spatezle or home made noodles with cheese and chives, I was taken by its richness.The dish was fresh and the aroma of the cheese melting with the spatezle was even better as I tasted it. Soft, creamy and very german, this was at once a favorite I already started planning in my mind to make at home.

I sat down during the European Football (soccer) championship. Germany against Italy, and the place was packed, as was every other place I walked by.  Outside the flag of Germany was everywhere,  the people were excited, some with the German flag painted upon their faces.  Young and old joined me for dinner in front of the large tv screen. Outside on the sidewalk two tv's were set up, beer, wine and food was being devoured. This is where I had my Spatezle, and fell in love, with the food of course!


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  2. Yummy. Monsieur Vuong is still there, huh? That place has good Vietnamese food right in the heart of Berlin!