Monday, July 2, 2012

The history of Berlin is rich in early peoples, WW2, and Cold War happenings. I wandered the streets with history on my mind. I felt the ghosts of the past walking beside me from time to time, encouraging the exploration of their previous world. The beer was served cold, in large, tall glasses on small tables at all hours of the day. The cafes for coffee filled just the same, people on cell phones or chatting in very stylish clothes, men and women and even young looked sharp. The espresso was too hot and I burned my lips before I could stop. Sitting my cup back down, I gazed at the other people sitting near. Laughter was heard, the texting was being done, the flow was continuous as she looked into her partners eyes and sipped her coffee. The waiter wiped the table and made change at the same time. Bikes went in and out of the traffic each vehicle knowing when to stop an when to just go ahead.

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