Monday, December 27, 2010

First morning in Rome

I know I look very relaxed and on top of things. First let me tell you about the morning.... I went to bed around 9pm Rome time, of course I was up for ever on the plane had a mad dash in Madrid so I guess I was pretty tired. I don't even remember hearing my alarm clock, and yes it does work, the hotel even called my room and said "your breakfast is outside your room."  Did they knock, was I that out of it?? I guess so, not hearing or remembering turning off the alarm!  I stumbled out of bed, showered and drank espresso while looking out at the tile roofs from out of my window. The tiles glistening in the early morning sun, a church top poking up in the horizon, me still wondering where I was. I was in Rome, and said this to myself, in part out of excitement and in part to reassure myself in my foggy,  jet lagged mind.

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