Monday, December 27, 2010

View inside the Pantheon

Walking the streets of Rome is no easy task. I had planned on just dashing off to see the sights I wanted but was surprised by all the twisting, turning, streets at all angles. Dragging, and do I mean dragging, my suitcase the day I arrived along narrow, tiny, cobblestone streets was quite the sight I'm sure!  The noise was becoming almost humorous, and in fact when I stopped and decided to carry the suitcase least I offend the people walking just a few steps in front of me, they abruptly stopped and turned around because of the sudden absence of all my scrapping and clattering! I did find the hotel, great place, very little side ally have know idea where I am!

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  1. You're in Roma! ..sounds like jet lag is kicking in...enjoy the ancient city of Roma..Ciao!