Monday, October 17, 2011

Barcelona, the many faces.

 Danko my hosts dog, that I wanted to take home with me. He was checking up on me to make sure my stay was good. Above him is part of the facade of Sagrada familia. Top is Casa Batilo
 Just one of the many parks and green areas of Barcelona. The people enjoying the weather, park benches with the young and old just relaxing and enjoying a beautiful day. As I wandered around this city, I saw people of all walks of life. The expressions were engaged and purposeful or just serene and relaxed. I walked all over this city and even as my feet grew tired, I marched on. Why? Every corner and every street was interesting to me. People eating and drinking, laughing and smiling. Lots of dogs on leashes scampering in parks or along a busy road. Wine being drunk by smartly dressed young men and women as well as old couples doing their late afternoon ritual. I really like this city.
Gaudi, well... I have already gone gaga so now another look on one of the main reasons for coming to Barcelona. This is on the roof top of Casa Batillo. The strange white looking thing is an organic inspired chimney that Gaudi used to make an otherwise boring or utilitarian looking object into a thing of beauty. The shimmering tiles were like scales of some sleeping creature that would soon awaken. The curving teal tiles like a spine or ridge of the lizards back, slithering over the roof line, and at the same time becoming the roof it self.

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