Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Going gaga for Gaudi

I made my way out of the depths of the subway, which by the way is one of the easiest to navigate in Europe in my opinion, and up towering above and behind the trees was Gaudi's masterpiece, Sagrada Famila. It is still 20-30 years before they "think" it might be done. The facade is like one big carving out of wax or some other substance resembling nothing like any other church in the world. Inside as I was walking under its tree branch like columns I noticed  all forms of nature, and it is nature that Gaudi works from. As I navigated the forest I gazed up in wonder. Was this some futuristic alien designed place of worship? Could this actually be alive?  Perhaps it was a living, breathing space craft from another world.  This was worth the flight over here, it is truly that amazing.

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