Friday, June 7, 2013

Copenhagen the adventure continues.

Copenhagen is a true wonder of both architecture, art museums, and beautiful parks.  The top pic was at The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. Here one finds famous Danish painters as well as the likes of Warhol, and Calder to name just a few. The middle picture is at one of the many parks in the city. The bottom picture is a vast collection of both South American, Mexican, and early Native North American pottery that was collected by a Danish man, and left to this museum after he passed on.  We walked from one stunning work of art to the other. The landscape with it's huge monumental Calder, Henry More and other works of art were presented on lush green lawns overlooking the sea. It was truly a site to take your breath away. The very top pic was the boat house that the king used at his palace in Frederiksborg. The castle was closed, so I went on a long, wide path with lush green trees on either side. As I came down to the lake, a small boat house was seen with a very beautiful lake and coffee house. I sat for a while, looking at the sparking reflection of the water. The boat, rocking gently on the small waves. It was truly a wonderful place to be, and I had the whole place to myself.

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