Sunday, June 2, 2013

Copenhagen, the search for the Vikings is on!

After the long journey across the Atlantic, a brief stop in Amsterdam, I made it to Copenhagen.  Staying with good friends of my friend Niels in a very charming house a few miles from the city center. The second picture was when we went biking around the area, the water is an inlet that leads out to the Baltic Sea. The bottom picture is the new Opera house of Copenhagen, it opened 2006 and it is a true architectural gem!   Henning Larsen was the architect.  Biking was not something I was prepared for.  The cold wind, and sometime uphill was a shock to my system still in my jet-lag stupor!  As we peddled around the lush, beautiful, green area after about 10 minuets we came to the sea. Bikes were everywhere, young old and many with shorts as the temp was in the mid 60's.   Tonight another dinner with my wonderful hosts, tomorrow...who knows?  


  1. Have fun..looks fun! Wow, so much colder than here in Arizona..: )

  2. Have fun! Go to the opera if you can...