Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Traveling around Copenhagen it is all about water. After a fantastic day with Niels, I was on my own with a bike.  Yes navigating the streets with so many other bikes was at first a challenge. I pushed off from the curb, looking in all directions, and just seemed to join the steady stream that flowed like a river of metal, rubber, and flesh. Sometimes I was good, but sometimes I had a few near misses. The cyclists could move, change direction, and even the cars seemed to know what they were going to do, it was amazing. All the  green parks in Copenhagen  run like a ribbon throughout the city, and you eventually end up at the water, or some amazing architectural wonder, like the "black diamond" above.  The famous Nyhavn is the shot above with me and Niels.  The wonderful colored buildings used to be the hangout of sailors and prostitutes and the raunchy side of town. It is now very commercial has expensive shops and too many tourists and bad tourist eating establishments. Even with this seemingly bad review, I would highly recommend a visit, it just feels very Copenhagen.

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